Hard shoulder to cry on


Format: LP, limited edition of 600 copies
Release Date: 06/04/2019

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Samuel Hutt, known by the stage name Hank Wangford (born 15 November 1940), is an English country and western songwriter. “Hank is a good smoke screen. He can do things I can’t do. He’s my clown,” says Dr. Hutt, who has been struggling to balance his musical and medical interests ever since medical school at Cambridge University. His 1960s practice in a drug-addiction centre brought him into contact with a lot of rockers and wide renown as London’s long-haired, rock-and-roll doctor, and later a television series. “If The Who had a first night, the tickets would be sent. I actually had more of an identity crisis with that than with Hank, because Hank is a fool. I quite like him. Dr. Sam was definitely threatening to become a monster.”

Recorded live on cassette Spring 1992. Limited edition of 600. Includes numbered limited edition of 300 reproduction of issue 1 of Rock ‘N’ Reel magazine signed by editor Sean McGhee.