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We are now celebrating our 27th year of serving music lovers in the UK and overseas.
Welcome to our new ordering website!
New titles are added every day.
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If you experience any difficulties, email peter@pandcmusic.co.uk
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As it’s all very new, we would welcome your feedback on
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BLACK FRIDAY was in store from 8.00am – 5.30pm on 26th November.
Online ordering is available too.
Go to our Special Releases tab and click on Black Friday to browse or order.
Some suppliers missed the delivery deadline for Black Friday
but the titles are available for pre-order.

This year’s Love Record Stores event took place on 4 September.
To order, go to our Special Releases tab and click on Love Record Stores.

Payment options have been updated.
You can now pay in any one of the following ways:
Debit card (preferred)
Bank transfer
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