England is a garden


Format: First pressing limited edition 2LP set on 180g vinyl, one green, one blue.
Release Date: 06/03/2020

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British indie rock band formed in 1991 by Wolverhampton-born Tjinder Singh (singer, songwriter, and guitar), his brother Avtar Singh (bass guitar, vocals), David Chambers (drums) and Ben Ayres (guitar, keyboards, and tamboura).

This is the first pressing of ‘England is a garden’ on ‘racing green’ and ‘Brittany blue’ vinyl.


  1. St Marie Under The Canon
  2. Slingshot
  3. No Rock: Save In Roll
  4. Everywhere That Wog Army Roam
  5. King Kongs
  6. Highly Amplified
  7. England Is A Garden
  8. The Cash Money
  9. Morning Ben
  10. I’m A Wooden Soldier
  11. One Uncareful Lady Owner
  12. The Holy Name