England is a garden


Format: Limited special edition 2LP set on 180g vinyl, one orange, one pink.
Release Date: --/--/2020

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British indie rock band formed in 1991 by Wolverhampton-born Tjinder Singh (singer, songwriter, and guitar), his brother Avtar Singh (bass guitar, vocals), David Chambers (drums) and Ben Ayres (guitar, keyboards, and tamboura).

This is a limited special edition of ‘England is a garden’ on ‘California County orange’ and ‘Roller rink pink’ vinyl.


  1. St Marie Under The Canon
  2. Slingshot
  3. No Rock: Save In Roll
  4. Everywhere That Wog Army Roam
  5. King Kongs
  6. Highly Amplified
  7. England Is A Garden
  8. The Cash Money
  9. Morning Ben
  10. I’m A Wooden Soldier
  11. One Uncareful Lady Owner
  12. The Holy Name