Be a rebel


Format: 12" single on 180g dove grey vinyl, Plays at 33⅓ rpm. Ltd edn of 5000 copies.
Release Date: 13/11/2020

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Formed 1980 in Manchester shortly after the suicide of Ian Curtis (Joy DivisionWarsaw)
Members: Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Peter Hook (bass, keyboards, 1980–2010), Stephen Morris (drums, keyboards), Gillian Gilbert (keyboards, guitar, 1981–2001, 2011–present), Phil Cunningham (guitar, keyboards, 2001–present), Tom Chapman (2) (bass, 2011–present).

Packaged with a blue metallic ink outer sleeve and full colour inner sleeve. Includes a high definition download code. Download options are MP3 and/or FLAC files. The digital download versions of A2 and B2 that are included with the code are different mixes to those that appear on the vinyl. On the download version of A2 there is a guitar solo from 3.43 to 4.12 that isn’t on the vinyl version.On the vinyl version the same melody in that time section is on a synth instead. The download version length is 6.25 whereas the vinyl is timed here at 6.32 due to an extra 4 bars inserted at 4:00 on the vinyl. On B2 there is a guitar solo from 3.22 to 4.02 on the download which doesn’t appear at all on the vinyl. The download version length is 6.18 whereas on the vinyl it’s timed here at 6.32 due to the same inserted 4 bars as on A2.