Soest live


Format: Ltd edn hand-numbered, yellow vinyl LP. This is #33.
Release Date: 10/07/2020

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Kraftwerk was an experimental electro-pop band from Düsseldorf, Germany, formed in 1970.
Formerly known as Organisation, Kraftwerk debuted live as the trio of Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider-Esleben and Charly Weiss at the Tivoli Popfestival, Aachen on 11 July 1970. Klaus Dinger took over as drummer after that. Gigs between 26 December 1970 and 31 July 1971 omitted Hütter, with various line-ups including Michael Rother and others. After a gig in the Weserberglands of Germany on 31 July 1971, Dinger & Rother then split-off forming Neu!. Shortly after, Hütter returned. First known Hütter/Schneider gig is 22 November 1971 at the Sachsenwald Gymansium, Hamburg, which instigated the partnership that developed into the well-known electro pop band continuing for decades with an expanded line-up after the hit single Autobahn.

An early live performance in Soest, Germany, broadcast on WDR-TV.
Side 1: Vom Himmel Hoch; Ruckzuck
Side 2: Stratovarius (aka Heavy Metal Kids); Megaherz (aka Improvisation 1)