¡Hay Tiempo! / Hay Tiempo!


Format: Ltd edn 180g LP on clear vinyl. Housed in a die-cut sleeve and inner.
Release Date: 02/11/2020

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Menswear were a much-hyped mid-’90s Britpop group founded in 1994 in Camden Town, London and disbanded in 1998. They infamously received a great deal of press and record label interest before recording a single note. The original members were Johnny Dean – vocals, backing vocals, percussion; Simon White – electric guitar, backing vocals; Chris Gentry – electric and acoustic guitars; Stuart Black – bass, acoustic guitar and Matt Everitt – drums, percussion.
Their debut album ‘Nuisance’ was released in 1995. The album yielded five singles,  all with multiple b-sides. After one non-album single, ‘We Love You’, was issued in 1996, the mostly-forgotten second album, ‘¡Hay Tiempo!’, was released only in Japan in 1998.
In 2013, Johnny Dean reconvened the group with all new members and they released the single ‘Crash ’14’, a re-recording of an earlier song. They continue to tour.

Referred to on the hype sticker as ‘Britpop’s lost album’ (see above), the change of style from their top twenty album ‘Nuisance’ is overdue for re-assessment. First time on vinyl.