Every hero needs a villain


Format: 2LP, 180g vinyl
Release Date: --/--/2015

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Czarface is an American hip hop group formed in 2013 by underground hip hop duo 7L & Esoteric and Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck.

Czarface titles usually feature comicbook style cover artwork.

Because all the various version of this title have the same barcode and catalogue number, it is impossible to tell which are black and which are coloured.


1. Don The Armor

2. Czartacus

3. Lumber Jack Match

4. Nightcrawler

5. World Premier

6. The Great (Czar Guitar)

7. Red Alert

8. Junkyard Dogs

9. Sgt Slaughter

10. When Gods Go Mad

11. Ka-Bang!

12. Deadly Class

13. Escape From Czarkham Asylum

14. Sinister

15. Good Villains Go Last