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The BBC Radiophonic Workshop was one of the sound effects units of the BBC, created in 1958 to produce incidental sounds and new music for radio and, later, television. The unit is known for its experimental and pioneering work in electronic music and music technology, as well as its popular scores for programmes such as Doctor Who and Quatermass and the Pit during the 1950s and 1960s. The original Radiophonic Workshop was based in the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios in Delaware Road, Maida Vale, London. The Workshop was closed in March 1998, although much of its traditional work had already been outsourced by 1995. Its members included Daphne OramDelia DerbyshireDavid CainJohn BakerPaddy KingslandGlynis JonesMaddalena Fagandini and Richard Yeoman-Clark.

A collection of electronic music works by composers working within or commissioned by the BBCRW. See photo of back cover for details.